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Success Stories

Will and Jessie!
Both dogs were found in less than 24 hours on the brink of death from severe starvation. With the support of Lucas County Pit Crew fans we were able to raise the money to restore them to health. Sadly their abusers have not yet been found. A huge thank you to the Lucas County Dog Warden, and everyone in our community who came together to wish them well.

Kirby!  This adorable little puppy was shot twice in the chest and left for dead in the street. Thankfully the Lucas County Dog Warden picked him up and called us immediately. As if having two bullets go through you and shatter your leg bones wasn't enough, this little love bug came down with parvo several days after the shooting. Kirby was determined that his story wasn't going to end that way and with the help of generous donors, Team London, and an amazing foster family, Kirby survived. He may have lost a leg to a horrific animal abuser, but nobody could ever take away his heart. Today he is living the life he was destined for, pampered pup!

HELEN! This little sweetheart was found wandering the streets with her face so swollen, she couldn't see. Luckily, a good samaritan found her and was able to get her the help she needed. Her face was badly burned, but once the swelling came down, Helen was able to open her eyes and see. She moved into foster care and received the medical care she needed to heal. Helen was adopted and is living the life any dog would love to have. Thanks to our generous donors for assisting with Helen's veterinary bills.

We are very excited that we have the ability to work closely with our Lucas County Dog Warden and give second chances to wonderful dogs. Without the generous support of our donors it would not be possible.

Mister Jenkins! Sometimes it's tough to be a pit bull type dog in Ohio, but it's even tougher when people let you suffer. This poor guy was picked up by the Lucas County Dog Warden with a horrific injury. One of the worst that we have ever seen. He had most of his head ripped off and his skull was completely exposed. He also had a toe ripped off down to the bone. One would think that euthanasia is the best choice. However, some dogs just have a way of looking into your eyes and saying please don't give up on me. I want a chance to enjoy life and before I die can I just experience what it feels like to be loved and cherished as part of a family? How can you give up on a dog that has such a strong desire to live and to be loved? The outpouring of support from the community for Mister Jenkins was able to save his life. A skin graft to close the hole in his head and close up the wound on his foot was completed successfully. Mister Jenkins never has a bad day. Always happy and eager to be with people, he is truly a wonderful representation of just how much heart pit bull like dogs truly possess.

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